Brawl stars Animation #71 - EMZ Haidresser Part 12 - Among Us

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Brawl stars Animation #71 - EMZ Haidresser Part 12 - Among Us
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  • Cabelin na régua 😎👌

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  • Good animation

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  • Please do want with fall guy's

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  • I ever play among us

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  • Among Us???????

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  • So cool thanks vor the video

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  • I love you 8-BIT

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  • 1st to wall crewmates don't have hair And 2nd They don't have eyes🤨

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  • It's cool👍

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  • Ses it's cool🤗

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  • Nobody: Astronauts has hairs out of his suits wtf

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  • This animation is the best

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  • Dear mobile game guru, I've been thinking for a few days about writing an idea for you on youtube. I'm thinking of making an animation, a kind of series related to emz, poco, colettesi edgar to be a kind of family in which poco and emz are the parents of colette and ui edgar .and the theme of the series should be about how colette tries to be like emz and edgar like little. But in spite of them edgar finds his parents kissing and wants to call him colette. After finding out about Colette, the two start an investigation that will prove that the two love each other more than they knew.

    • Yes

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  • 8-bit among us version skin 0:15

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  • Among US X Brawl stars

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  • Among us haha 🤣 she have first not hair and than have she hair woow👏

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  • Yellow is impostor ?

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  • Вы шо не руские

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  • Very cute animation

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  • Impostor with games in is mouth its...good i think

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  • Nice videos

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  • I like how they were all just piled on top of a roomba lol

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  • AmongUs! Brawlstars?

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  • red sus i saw him vent in elec

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  • Can you atleast make better animations that actually look like brawl stars or among us?!?!

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  • Yeah among us

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  • I just discovered that El Primo has sans on his belt at the end LOL

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  • Anong us have hair

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  • I clicked as soon as I saw the thumbnail!

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  • eu sou rb que dizer que eu sou do brasil

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  • 0:57 эмз диназавр😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Among us x brawl stars

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  • Imposter VS emz Emz wins

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    • LMAO 🤣😂🤣

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  • I remember times when you had 50k subs... nostalgy

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  • Among us: there 1 impostor Impostor:where l m am? Brawl stars: who is he

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    • You can also see a fun 3D animation of Among Us on my channel

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  • emz is nos the importor yellow is an economical impostor, WAIT WHERE I GET THOSE GEMS, IN THE AMONG US THERE ARE NO BRAWL STARS GEMS

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  • Por fin nuevo video

  • Is there somebody in the world who dont like this serie?

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